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Video will bring your brand to life.

Tell your story like never before.

At Bullfinch, we specialize in short, low-cost video content for use on social media. Video content drives significantly more engagement while telling your story much more effectively than static content. A minute-long social video will typically run about 3 billable hours.

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“Our data shows most people pay close attention to video, which means savvy marketers can leverage videos to put out powerful, high quality content that speaks for their brand offerings.”

HubSpot Research

Design will build a perception of competence.

Streamline your message to empower decision.

It pays to sweat the details. This is particularly important for customer-facing materials that are a part of their decision-making process. Website design, fliers, menus, etc. are all points of contact that need to be well-balanced and tasteful. By properly designing these points of contact, negative subconscious pressures can be mitigated during the decision making process.

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“The time it takes to make a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices available”

Psychologists William Edmund Hick and Ray Hyman, 1952

Search will grow your audience to new heights.

Attract new eyes to your business.

The most misunderstood and poorly serviced form of digital marketing is undoubtedly search optimization. Search is not complicated, it just requires hard work. The recipe is simple; identify a search term that is within reach, target that term with high-quality content, and reach out to others to share and link to your content.

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“Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, and Amazon own 32.34% of the total US traffic market. These five online giants decide which sites we’re going to visit next and what ads we see.”

Moz Research