There’s no substitute for hard work. The only way to deliver a quality service is by putting in the effort.

We get it done.


Bullfinch is a branding abstraction that only exists in the minds of its clients.

Bullfinch is actually just a team of people.

Ok, fine, it’s two people.

Bullfinch is just Katie and Kyle.

Meet Katie.

Or as Kyle likes to call her, “The Ox.”

No, she doesn’t smell all that bad.

Katie is “The Ox” because if Katie decides to rip down a building with her bare hands, it would be a good idea to exit that building.

She keeps projects on track, costs in budget, client needs filled, and Bullfinch’s head above water.

Like Bullfinch? Thank Katie.

Meet Kyle.

Known to Katie as, “The Coyote.”

Don’t worry, he’s never been employed by a drug cartel. 

This is a reference to the dirty, scrappy, obligation-eluding, but annoyingly able to circumvent obstacles dumpster pup.

Kyle is perpetually unbothered by difficulty, has been through the ringer (self employed designer for 15 years), is easily bored, and could use a coaching session on risk aversion.

Hate Bullfinch? Blame Kyle.

Talk to me, Goose.

Don’t be shy, feel free to hit us up about anything. We love talking to new people.