Our Principles

There’s no substitute for hard work. The only way to deliver a quality service is by putting in the effort.

We get shit done.

Our Mission

Put as much intent as we can into everything we do.

We believe the more intent we put into a project, the better it becomes. We may not be sending the species to Mars, but creating work we can be proud of is fun. We like the idea of having some fun while we make a living.

“The truth is never told during 9 to 5 hours.”

Hunter S. Thompson

Our History


My wife and I were working our “careers” in the city and realized we wanted more freedom in our lives. So we moved to a little mountain community at the foot of Guanella Pass and I started servicing clients through Bullfinch while we built Soul Primacy, an endeavor we’ve been wanting to take a swing at.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Kyle Rutten, Founder

Let's Talk.

We love finding solutions.

Our services are not an ideal fit for everyone. However we are always happy to help businesses explore their options to find the best solutions for their situation.

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