Telluride Tire & Auto

Website Design

Color Palette

Typography: Montserrat

Montserrat 400

Telluride Tire and Auto is a towing and maintenance, repair, and mechanic auto service in Telluride, Colorado. The owner wanted a more modern website that matched the aesthetics of his just-built physical location.

Bullfinch referenced the architecture that the new building showcased and gave the existing logo a face lift. As a web designer at Bullfinch, reimagining the website for Telluride Tire and Auto is a Telluride car service website that was an exercise in balance. We aimed to seamlessly blend the modern aesthetics of their new facility with their online presence, echoing its contemporary architecture. With a particular emphasis on their cornerstone service โ€“ Telluride tires โ€“ we sought to provide a user-friendly, intuitive interface that reflects the brandโ€™s authenticity and commitment to quality. Furthermore, we gave the existing logo a tasteful facelift, modernizing it without losing its original essence, creating a cohesive brand experience across all customer touchpoints.

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