Hotel De Paris Museum

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Katherine M., the Chief Preservation Officer for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, absolutely gushed about the Hotel de Paris Museum website today. She said she was proud to share it with her boards and it conveys a sense of place.

— Kevin Kuharic, Executive Director – Hotel de Paris Museum

Color Palette

Typography: Cardo & Tangerine


Tangerine 400

Hotel de Paris is a historic Colorado museum that once operated as a French inn during the late 1800’s. The curator of the museum wanted to replace their former website with one that reflected Hotel de Paris’ notable elegance and rich history.

Museums around the world have used the internet to their advantage and created online presences that allow visitor to tour their museum virtually if they’re not able to physically. The operators of Hotel de Paris wanted to follow this trend so that’s where we came in. Bullfinch built Hotel de Paris a website chalk-full of all the Hotel’s interesting facts, history, and aesthetics to make an online visitor feel as if they were within the walls of Hotel de Paris.

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